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Two more albums, soon on Step By Records!

At the beginning of Summer, then of Fall, Step By Records will celebrate some more...

The first music from Quantum Stereo is just astonishing...when the Irish drummer Darren Beckett (Van Morrison, Brandon Flowers, Ambulance LTD, Madeleine Peyroux,...) decided to create some produced jazz-pop with his old Brooklyn friend Stéphane Mercier, they were at first a little hesitant on how to conceive it. They had the great players (Jason Rebello, Stella Angelika,...) but not the artistic producer yet.

Stéphane then remembered that American producer residing in Brussels: Carl Corcoran aka TenFour for whom he played a few years before.

The chemistry was absolutely beautiful, hence the result: a post modern kind of vocal Weather Report. We are certain you will dig it as we dug it!

The second album to come out in the Fall will actually be quite the opposite as the previous one: the Belgian quartet of Stéphane Mercier is a raw, non-produced, intuitive live jazz captured in a legendary studio (the Jet Studio in Brussels). The musicians played in the same room, next to each other with no headphones on, and the tracks on the album were recorded between 2:30 and 5 on a Sunday afternoon...the result being what jazz is supposed to be: daring, unique, full of risks yet beautiful.

Stay tuned!

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