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Krewe du Belge


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Krewe du Belge is a group of musicians from Brussels who love Jazz-Funk New Orleans music. In marching band or on stage, between 8 and 20 musicians. 
French lyrics, original compositions, covers and tributes to Belgium.

The word "Krewe" - pronounced "croue" in French- means "crew" in English. In New Orleans, the krewes are the links in the famous Carnival of New Orleans, the mythical city where Jazz was born.

Every year, the krewes organize a Ball and a Parade. These "families" can number up to 2,000 people. They come together to celebrate, but also to help the most vulnerable. 

Krewe du Belge was inspired by this tradition and created a group of Brussels artists, musicians and dancers whose aim is to promote culture in all its forms. And in particular, Live Music and the animation of public space.

Vanessa Tanghe : co-captain, melodica

Christophe Mercier : co-captain, trombone

Olivier Deleuze : tenor sax

Fabian Hidalgo : drums

Nico Sanchez : trumpet

Alice Riberolles : trombone

David De Vrieze : trombone

Quinten De Craecker : trombone and sousaphone

Anaïs Levoir : sousaphone

Florent Buchel : soprano sax

Gregory Van Seghbroeck : sousaphone

Pierre-Antoine de Savoie : trumpet

Pauline Leblond : trumpet

Christophe Wéry : tuba

Michel Massot : sousaphone

Gaëlle Swann : drums

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